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Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Vision board? I think I know what this means, but is it really that straight forward? How do I go to a workshop for this? Should I even do this? These are the questions that raced through my brain when I got the invite.

But the more I thought about the more I realized that this was EVERYTHING I wanted to do. It really IS that straightforward - create a board manifesting all you intend to accomplish. So, my sister and I bought our tickets and waited for the night to arrive.

This was not my first event with the Women's Business League. I had actually been a vendor with their "Ladies Night Out" event at Flatbreads in Georgetown. Not only did I do really well as a vendor that night, but I met SO many incredible women. It is refreshing to meet like-minded women from all areas of business. Being a woman business owner is bad-ass, and there's nothing better than being surrounded by other bad-ass female business owners as well!

As soon as I walked in the room, I knew this workshop would be a blast. My sister and I sat down and talked about what we'd want to do. One of the hosts got up and made a compelling speech. We all have that creativity and masterpiece in us, we just have to chisel it down to find it. I mean how incredible is that?!

And so we were off. To sort through hundreds and hundreds of clippings, designs, postcards, quotes, photos and more. I gravitated toward the adventure. I knew this year I wanted to be unapologetically me. I wanted to make everyday an adventure. I wanted to do more of what I love. Because that right there is happiness. Whatever it is that makes you happy, just do that.

So I collected what I could, returned to my board and began arranging. I had it all set.. but it was missing something. And I figured it out - photos. How could I forget?! I skimmed through travel magazines and cut out photos (mostly of mountains of course) and added them and voila!

It was pretty amazing to see how different each woman's board came out. You could catch a glimpse of their personality, what they were going through, and what their goals were for the year. My sisters had some pretty inspiring quotes on hers, I was even jealous of some of the ones she snagged!

Overall, I think my board spoke to exactly who I was, and who I wanted to be. What do you think?

A HUGE thank you to the Women's Business League for this inspiring, humbling night. I am so happy I had the opportunity to create even more connections. I look forward to their future events!

Check them out: they're pretty awesome!

Until next time,

Live creatively, friends.

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