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Fall Family Portraits with the Lamkin Family, November 2020

Emily and her family are absolutely the cutest little family I had the pleasure of meeting this year. They reached out for a later fall session, and I was so happy I could squeeze them in before things got too cold (although the day of our session was a bit chillier than we had anticipated)!

We met up and walked around, trying to get little Vivienne comfortable with myself and the camera. Mostly she just wanted to run around, play games and explore. In her defense though, what little girl wouldn’t want to, right?

We continued to make our way through Maudslay, and I played along - we searched for Dora, we played more adventure games, hide and seek, threw leaves.. we did our best to keep little Viv occupied. Emily and Jason were such great sports the whole time.

Through all the running and playing, we still managed to get some great shots and smiles out out Viv. She did her best, we did ours, and we had each other - so I’d say it was a success.

Emily and Jason, thanks for being so cooperative during this shoot. I know it was so tough to get Viv to cooperate and I appreciate you guys playing along! I hope you still had a good time!

Until next time, live creatively friends!

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