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Woodsy Engagement Session with Lindsey and Mason in Newburyport, May 2022

A blog post just in time for their wedding! Lindsey and Mason wanted to wait for warmer weather for their engagement photos, and boy did it pay off.

We did their session two weeks before their wedding! It was honestly a blast, and it makes the anticipation for their wedding day even higher.

These two were so natural in front of my camera, giggling and smiling, making my job super easy. I could see the love just oozing from both of them. And with me? It was like we had all hung out before, old friends. That is one of my favorite feelings. And I can't forget to mention that sunset.. it SHOWED UP. the golden hues and silhouettes 😍

These pictures are for sure some of my favorites - the gif too :)

To Lindsey and Mason - THANK YOU! You two have a way of making me feel so comfortable. I am beyond excited to capture you guys again on your wedding day!

Until next time, live creatively friends.

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