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Should You Add a Second Photographer to Your Wedding Package?

One of our most frequently asked questions, and a good one at that! Of course, there's no wrong answer here. If you choose to move forward with one photographer are you going to have a bad experience? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I always work to provide my couples with the BEST experience, it's my main focus.

However, there are several benefits to adding a second photographer to your wedding day. I'll start by saying, second photographers are really only necessary if you're having a full wedding ceremony, if you're considering a small micro wedding/elopement, one photographer is totally enough to capture the entire day.

Planning a full ceremony/wedding day? Listen up! Aside from being the best at grabbing the quick behind the scenes photos of me (thanks Kristin!!) my second photographers are there to capture SO much more.

  1. Booking a second photographer allows for photographers to split up during points in the day (ex: getting ready, cocktail hour, while one is taking family photos and the other is getting detail photos of the venue and photos of the guests, etc) if need be. This can even save you time when planning out your timeline!

  2. We can get ALL the angles. Like ALL of them - front, back, side - and even with different lenses too!

  3. We won't miss a thing! Because one person can't be in two places at once, but two can!

  4. Double the ideas, and double the fun!

Again, this doesn't mean that booking one photographer is the WRONG choice at all! But if you can, ask me about adding a second photographer!

I hope this helps any of you if you're on the fence in your planning process. Got questions, I'm here!

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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