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October Mini Sessions at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, October 2022

Mini sessions this year were no easy feat. With a jam packed schedule, I wasn't so sure we'd even be able to fit them in! But, the stars aligned and we found a Saturday afternoon we had available to get some sessions in. With a ton of slots booked and much excitement - I was ready for fall minis!

But of course, we live in New England and weather is unpredictable. We had to reschedule our minis for later in the month, on a Sunday afternoon. And wouldn't you know it, the forecast wasn't looking promising. My clients pivoted with me and we held the sessions a bit earlier than planned to beat out the rain. And yes, it rained on the way home - so we made the right choice!

Katie and Adnan's session was so special. As former Captured wedding clients, I was so thrilled they booked this maternity mini to celebrate their little one on the way. It was so nice seeing them, catching up on everything over the last year, and of course capturing the milestone of pregnancy for them! I cannot wait to see them become parents!

The Corkum family was cuter than ever. It took Avery a little bit to warm up to the camera, but we had her smiling in no time. These three were so cute and I couldn't be happier I got to capture them. Avery loved the pumpkins and even got to take one home :)

Overall, mini sessions were a success! Despite the rescheduling, moving things around, clients who had to reschedule and some dog poop on my shoes (lol) it was a great afternoon!

Thanks to the Corkum family and Katie and Adnan for rolling with the changes and coming out to have their photos taken! I so appreciate you guys and your flexibility.

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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