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Summertime Backyard Wedding with the Littleton's, July 2020

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Annah and Jason are as sweet as they come. I catch myself smiling just thinking about their day. Although COVID changed their plans, they didn't let any of it get to them, or change the entire reason why they were there in the first place, to marry the love of their life.

Their wedding was supposed to be a larger ceremony at Willowdale, but unfortunately the pandemic had altered those plans. When Annah and her mother Debbie had reached out and told me that they were going to hold a small ceremony in their backyard this year, I was so thrilled.

You see, there is no right or wrong way to navigate wedding planning during this pandemic. Want to wait? Great, we will celebrate next year. Want to get married this year in a small, intimate ceremony because you don't want to wait? That's amazing too! I would love to capture memories of your day. Because even if it's small, its still a beautiful, important day worth remembering! Want to get married this year, and celebrate next year with everyone? Well that sounds like a blast too! There really is no wrong answer - nobody has done this before. You do what you think is right.

And so Annah and her mother prepared their backyard for a quaint, intimate ceremony. It was absolutely perfect. Everything from the first look with her father to the photos on the beach, you could see love radiating. This couple, these families, I will never forget it.


Video by Morgan Healey

Annah and Jason, your love is so special. Thank you for having us Capture your special day. See you in 2021!

Until next time, live creatively friends.

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