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First Birthday Cake Smash with Oscar, November 2022

We take a break from our regularly scheduled content to bring you the cutest, messiest session we've done in quite a while. But also the absolute CUTEST. To celebrate Oscar's first birthday, we planned a cake smash session.

Oscar is the happiest baby I've ever met. Always smiling and giggling, loves his mom and dad and of course his brother Wells. I've seen him eat tons of food with a smile on his face so I had high hopes for the cake smash.

Little did we know, Oscar wouldn't really go for it 😂 He was not a fan of making a mess of the cake. We got a few great photos before his brother Wells came in to help finish the job. Maybe we should start doing cake smashes for 3 year olds? Because Wells LOVED it.

Happy happy birthday to this special little boy.

To the Flemings, thank you!! I love capturing your little fam and all of the giggles (and cries) in between. Love you guys.

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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