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Engagement Session at Minuteman National Historic Site with Jenna and Dan, September 2021

We had this session planned for what seemed like forever - and then as the date got closer it seemed like the weather was playing tricks on us. Luckily Jenna and Dan rolled with the changes in time and location and we were able to squeeze in a session before the rainfall. And this session did not disappoint!

These two's chemistry its pretty amazing to see - the way they make each other laugh and just light up puts a smile on my face behind the camera. It makes me truly love my job. I hit things off with them immediately during our original consultation, and hanging out with them again made me remember why I'm so excited to photograph their big day. Jenna and Dan are so much fun to be around, they just make you feel comfortable.. like you've known them a million years.

We adventured around Minuteman National Historic Park in Concord MA - and had the place (mostly) to ourselves. Things were SO green because of all the recent rain and it made for some pretty amazing pictures. Though fall came a little late, I wasn't mad at all. Plus look how amazing it went with their wardrobe!

Jenna and Dan trusted my crazy ideas and didn't question a thing, they laughed along with everything - it's why I love my clients so much. When you trust and feel comfortable, it truly shows in the photos.

Jenna and Dan - thank you for being so easy to hang out with and a blast to photograph. I absolutely cannot wait for your wedding next September! I already know how much fun we're going to have!

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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