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The Stock Sisters Branding Session at the Ames Studio in Amesbury MA, February 2022

The Stock Sisters are such a blast to work with. We recently connected and immediately I knew we'd work well together. We began their journey chatting about what they needed help with, and where I could pitch in.. fast forward a few months and they've got some AWESOME stuff going on. These sisters are going places, trust me.

We did a complete rebrand for them. The Stock Sisters are financial planners that help women plan for investment and retirement. Of course, they help men too, but I loved that their target audience was women. We could play around with some more feminine aspects, but show that femininity can still be bold and strong.

Ultimately we decided on a new logo, color palette, design elements and more. So, what better way to seal the deal than with new marketing photos? These two crushed their session, always staying moving (yes even in the studio), feeding off of each others' energy, and having fun while doing it.

They now have a clean look to go along with their new brand, to show up on social, their website, and more.

To the Stock Sisters - Jess and Sam, I am so excited to be working with you guys! The future is so bright and I know we're going to go places together.

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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