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Updated: Feb 7, 2021

However you want say it, we want to thank you. From the bottom of our hearts.

As we wrap up 2018, we can’t help but look back and reflect all that this year has brought us.

Not only were we fortunate enough to officially start this small business of ours, but we were able to accomplish SO much more than that. And it is all thanks to you.

Thank you to the brides and grooms. So many magical, unforgettable, unique weddings with some of the best brides and grooms to ever exist. Thank you for asking us to play such an important role in your wedding day. Thank you for asking us to capture the memories of one of the happiest day of your lives. Thank you for making our job so enjoyable. With every wedding that passes we grow more and more fond of our time spent with a camera in hand and the smiling faces of brides, grooms, their friends and families.

Thank you to the families. So many fun loving, kind families that asked us to capture their personalities. Thank you for putting smiles on our faces. Thank you for sharing our photos everywhere! It is incredible to see how many people they have reached on social media and through print. And thank you for booking with us. This year we were able to work with over 10 families, scheduled our FIRST series of mini sessions (which sold out and we had to add a second day!), and saw our own photos printed on Holiday cards. PS please please please show us your cards if you used our photos! (Did you know we can design then for you too ;) )

Thank you to our product customers. In 2018 we participated in NINE craft fairs. Thank you for buying our prints, stickers, canvases, calendars, greeting cards and more. Thank you for teaching us about selling products, building relationships, and connecting with people we have just met. Thank you for letting us share countless stories and memories of our travels, and adding new places to our bucket lists because of your stories.

Thank you to my friends and family. Seriously, I cannot say it enough. Thank you for your support and encouragement, without you we would not be where we are today. And I can say that confidently. Thank for reading our blogs, for sharing our facebook pages, for buying our products, and thank you for listening to our problems and guiding us to the right business decisions.

And thank you to Kristin. It has been a pleasure to grow with you in 2018. There is nobody else I would want to shoot a wedding alongside. Thank you for inspiring new ideas. Thank you for going along with my crazy ones, even when they don’t quite work. Thank you for pushing me outside of my comfort zone. Thank you for always working hard and offering to lend a hand. Thank you for sharing your business opinions and ideas when I need them. Thanks you for being a part of our team. You are an incredibly talented photographer and I cannot wait to see where 2019 brings us.

The photos we’ve taken, the designs we’ve created, and the growth we’ve endured is astounding. We were able to travel to 10+ states this year and capture thousands of incredible photos. We thought we would share some of our favorites below.

Seriously, this may all sound quite repetitive, but 2018 has been one hell of a ride. Grateful doesn’t even begin to cover it. Thankful doesn’t even touch on how we feel. We have worked so hard this year, but without all of you we wouldn’t be where we are. Excited is an understatement. Thrilled is the best word we can find right now.

Bring it on 2019, we are so ready for you! Until next year.

Live creatively, friends.

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