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Sunny Sunday Wedding at The Hotel Salem with Jackson and Spencer, June 2021

As soon as virtually met Jackson and Spencer we hit it off - talking on our zoom call for over an hour. We chatted all about their love story, their road trip across the states to get back to Massachusetts during a quarantine, and even our pups. I ended the zoom call and crossed my fingers that they had felt the same way, that we had clicked and that they wanted to book with me. And thank goodness they did!

Fast forward through a few months of their planning and we finally got to meet up for coffee. We sat in the park and chatted more - they told me about their families and their new home. They're just so easy to talk to and make you feel so comfortable. People like Jackson and Spencer truly are the reason I love what I do. I love helping them express their love, and I love the way they make me feel appreciated.

Finally it was June 27 and they were ready to say I do. I could sense a little bit of nerves as I set Jackson up for his first look, you know, the excited kind of nerves. The kind that you can't wait to see your other half - not the doubtful kind. Spencer strolled up, as confident as I had ever seen him. I could tell he was so sure of everything. So I brought him slowly over, and let the rest unfold on its own. And their first look did not disappoint! With a gorgeous backdrop of the ocean and the sailboats, these two traded kisses and laughter, hugs and I may have even seen a tear or two. Their love is undeniable. Their chemistry cannot be ignored.

We strolled around the Salem Willows and they were troopers through the heat, laughed their way through the photos while I captured their love. In record timing we captured their families back at the Old Town Hall and were able to cool off in the AC before the ceremony.

Everything from the vows, to their first dance were filled with so. much. love. I cannot even begin to put it into words. I hope these photos can do just a little bit of justice to their beautiful love story.

To the Goodwin-Jamison's: I am so grateful that the universe brought us together. Thank you for the laughs, for being yourselves and for having me capture your amazing wedding day. I am so happy to have been a part of it. I hope your day with your closest family and friends was everything you wanted it to be.

Suits: Van Heusen

Florals: Boutonnieres made by the grooms

Rings: Thorsten

Shoes: Custom Vans

Until next time, live creatively friends!


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