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Downtown Newburyport Wedding with the Minter's, October 2021

We have been lucky enough to photograph quite a few couples in this large group of friends over the years - and the Minter's are so special to us. Their chemistry, laughs, dance moves - makes the day so much fun. I've known Chris, the groom, for years - having known his brother Alex since I was in middle school and I've gotten to know Haylie over the last few years. I love their fun attitudes and willingness for life. They both just want to have a good time and love each other in the process - and its so fun to capture.

The early parts of a wedding day can be stressful, tight timelines and making sure everyones having fun - so we stole Haylie away for a few deep breaths and a first look with her dad. And immediately Haylie's smile returned. It's clear this family has a tight bond, both their smiles lit up when they saw each other and they laughed and joked. I knew Haylie needed that moment.

I'm not sure I have ever seen a couple more emotional walking down the aisle than Haylie and Chris - you could see every emotion on their faces - the joy, the anticipation.. all coming through happy tears. It was SO special to see. There wasn't a try eye in the venue during their ceremony, from the readings from their grandparents to the vows to each other's parents and their own vows. There were so many special touches.

As soon as the ceremony wrapped up, these two were ready to have some fun! We wrapped up family photos and explored around Newburyport. I'm so glad they trusted me and every crazy idea I had because these photos are just wow. The fun carried inside too - I literally don't think Chris and Haylie stopped dancing. Like ever. They danced in between formalities, seriously. And the dance floor was packed IMMEDIATELY. Their guests were ready to party!

We love a packed dance floor, wedding toasts that turn into raps, and father daughter dances that remix into break dances - this wedding literally had it all. So cheer's to the Minter's and all the fun we had!

To Haylie and Chris, thank you!! I am so glad I got to capture your wedding day and witness such a special thing. You two are so fun, so loving and I wish you nothing but the best. I know I'll be seeing more of you.

Second Photographer: Kristin Lafratta

Videographer: Morgan Healey

Alterations: The Tailor Pros

Suits: Giblees

Flowers: Flowers and More, Peabody MA

Cake: D'Orsi's, Peabody

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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