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Liz and James were the sweetest couple to photograph. I was thrilled when Liz reached out, not only because I hadn't seen her in years, but because she wanted a snowy winter session. Not many people request that, and get so excited to do things out of the ordinary!

Liz and I met back in college. We were both graphic design majors, and took most of out classes together throughout the years. I hadn't seen her since we graduated, so it was so nice to catch up and to meet James!

We met in Groton, at a system of snowy trails. It was clear right away how happy James made her. I love capturing those feelings, and doing my best to translate love into photographs. They were such great sports about trudging through the snow, too. Liz even changed her shoes (those heels are so cute right?) for the walks - what a good sport!

We even met a few furry friends along the way. I am so thrilled with the way these photos turned out, I couldn't have asked for a better morning with them.

Liz, thank you for asking me to capture these! Wishing you and James a lifetime of love and happiness! Cheers to you both!

Until next time, live creatively friends.

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