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Late Fall Wedding Day at the Saphire Estate with the Bodin's, November 2023

Becca and Andrew are as sweet as they come. They were sent my way by a previous bride (and friend) Rachel, who is Becca's sister. Rachel and Becca got married the same year which is so sweet to me 🥺

When I met Becca and Andrew last year at their engagement session we immediately hit it off. Of course they came thinking they were "terrible at having photos taken" and that was absolutely not the case. These two posed with ease and I loved capturing their little laughs in between.

So, when the wedding day rolled around, I was beyond excited to get down to Sharon. Their day was literally perfect - like not one little hiccup. Becca was so go with the flow - the only side I've seen of her, so it was funny hearing her family talk about her type A personality. I guess we have more in common than just our names 😂 Andrew is the yin to her yang, balances her out and always makes her laugh.

I had so much fun following them around with my camera, meeting their families and photographing them dancing the night away. Not to mention all the splits on the dance floor. And yes, I mean SEVERAL splits!

To Becca and Andrew, thank you for trusting me with your special wedding day. It was such a pleasure photographing you guys. I am beyond grateful.

And to the incredible vendors:

Photographer: Captured

Second Photographer: Eric Saltzman

Florist: Sola Wood Flowers – DIY

Hair & Makeup: Boston Beauty Network

Bridal Dress: Thistle Rose Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie

Cake/Cupcakes: Just Desserts

Favors: DIY

Until next time, live creatively friends.

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