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Sarah and Kyle’s Wedding day was so special. I love a venue that has no need for travel, and everyone can enjoy their time, which is exactly what The Chamberlain House in Sturbridge MA offers. Their friends and family all seemed to have a wonderful time celebrating their love.

The day started with photos of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The entire wedding party seemed to be good friends, which makes Kristin and I’s day even more fun. We headed out to the barn for a first look.

Kyle was SO excited to see his bride. He told me a bit about his their love story and how they met as we walked, and you could hear the love pouring from his words. As Sarah approached you could sense her nerves, but as soon as Kyle turned around that all melted away. They hugged, they kissed, and they laughed. They were so excited to finally be together on their big day.

We then took photos of the family and wedding party in front of a beautiful red barn on the property. The best part? A surprise visit from the barn puppy! Now that’s not something that happens every wedding and everyone was super excited. We continued to take photos, and had a blast with the wedding party until we sent them on their way to have a few moments with Sarah and Kyle. They are absolutely adorable. We found a flowered arbor on the grounds and set them up for some photos.

The ceremony was outside under an old tree, something from a dream. It was quaint and special, and the Justice of Peace had some awesome jokes to get the guests laughing. Their families even shed some tears before they head back down the aisle to celebrate. And that is when the party started. The guests were ready to have a good time. The reception was equipped with a Photo Booth to catch some awesome photos of the friends and family. They filled the dance floor and we caught some great moments. It started to rain outside, and we were so relieved that the rain held off for such a perfect day.

Sarah and Kyle had such a beautiful wedding day, and we hope their marriage is just as beautiful.

I’d love to take this opportunity to recognize Kristin and her amazing job taking the lead with this wedding! She did such a great job, and flawlessly called the shots all day!

Until next time. Live creatively, friends!

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