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Spring Wedding at Bittersweet Farms in Westport with the Jacksons, April 2021

Updated: May 13, 2021

I cannot think of a better way to have started off the 2021 wedding season! Last Saturday with Emily and Matt at Bittersweet Farms was a dream!

The weather, the venue, the wedding guests, friends and family - everyone was such a joy to be around. It truly brought me back to the reason I love photographing weddings. And of course, Emily and Matt. Two of the easiest going, most go with the flow people. This day went SO SMOOTHLY. How many people can say their wedding was AHEAD of schedule?!

From the beginning of the day, sweet moments in the getting ready suite with Emily's mother and grandmother, and her gorgeous "borrowed" jewelry. To Matt having his father be his best man - I could just tell how truly close these families were.

But the very moment that stole my heart was during the ceremony. Emily was tearing up during her vows, stating her intentions and devotion to Matt, when Matt reached into his pocket and handed Emily a tissue, before reaching up and wiping her tears himself. It was one of the sweetest moments I had ever witnessed during a ceremony - and I've seen quite a few tears!

At the venue Kristin and I worked some magic and got the wedding party to break out of their shell and have some fun - we had some laughs and really enjoyed ourselves. It's one of my favorite parts of being a photographer, honestly. Everyone has a little bit of silly in there, its up to us to get it out of them!

When I stole Matt and Emily away for some portraits by themselves I could see their excitement to finally be alone. We used the gorgeous property and had some intimate moments. These two love to laugh with each other and were open to literally every pose and prompt I suggested. From their engagement session to their wedding they never once thought I was crazy for suggesting a pose, they rolled with it - and that is why I totally LOVE them. Because look at these stunning photos ahh!

Twelve years is a long time to spend loving someone, getting to know them and their family. Emily and Matt spent twelve years together before getting married. Their friends and family already considered them a part of the family, so all there was left to do was celebrate their love.

Emily and Matt, I am so honored you chose Captured to photograph your wedding day. Your day was so beyond beautiful, I'm truly grateful we met at that wedding show a few years ago! Being your photographer and gaining you both as friends throughout the past year or so has been so much fun. I wish you both so much happiness. PS have a blast in Hawaii 🌸☀️

Venue: Bittersweet Farm, Westport MA

Catering: Bittersweet Farm, Westport MA

Cake: Celebrated

Rings: Kay Jewelers

Jewelry and shoes: David's Bridal

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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