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Golden Hour Engagement Session in Cambridge, July 2023

Jen and Dan ♥️ ugh I am SO obsessed. I've known these two for years, since college actually, and LOVe seeing their love. They are goofy, they are fun, and they are a pleasure to photograph. Jen has been a huge supporter of my business since the very beginning, and I am so humbled she asked me to photograph their engagement.

We met on a warm evening in Cambridge and walked around the Longfellow Bridge and the Esplanade. It was the perfect backdrop for a variety of photos and my assistant (Ryan) was happy to tag along. The way Jen smiles and laughs around Dan is something I am so happy I get to witness and capture.

After our gorgeous session, we got to catch up and grab dinner with these two - staying out way past my bedtime but enjoying every single minute.

To Jen and Dan, THANK YOU! I am so so happy I got to captured your love and beyond happy for the two of you!

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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