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Golden Hour Engagement Session at Fern Valley Farms in Wilbraham MA, October 2023

Ya'll Courtney and Tim were the CUTEST to photograph. Seriously, we had the most perfect night - the sunset was literally breathtaking, Maisley was so adorable, and these two were naturals in front of the camera. They make me look good - taking every prompt and doing it with ease.

Courtney and Tim were sent my way from a previous client (so thankful!!) and when I chatted with them we immediately hit it off. Not to mention, we went to the same university! BSU is where these two met, and happens to be where my husband and I met too.

We had the entire farm to ourselves to frolic through the orchard, play with Maisley and soak in that sunset. We got to really take our time and have fun with it. And I think the photos truly speak to that.

To Courtney and Tim, I'm SO happy you guys chose me to capture your love. If this is any sneak peek to what your wedding will be like, then I know it will be the BEST day.

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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