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Golden Hour Engagement Session at Odiorne State Park, August 2021

Nothing makes me happier than when a couple shows up to an engagement session telling me how "awkward" and "bad at taking pictures" they are, and then they head to their car at the end of the session with a big smile on their face, even admitting they had fun. That'll really get ya.

Britt and John, you guys are incredible. Thinking you're awkward just blows my mind. Your chemistry is so natural, it just flows. These photos are truly just you two and your natural chemistry, with a little bit of prompts to help you really harness it for the camera. Thank you for trusting in me to get these photos for you two, and for going with all of my crazy ideas during this session.

It's amazing how just hanging out with two people for one session can really show you so much about them as a couple. These two love to laugh with each other, they're so comfortable around each other. I'm truly lucky to get to witness love like this all the time.

Brittany and John remind me of why I'm so lucky to get to do this, meet some awesome people, take gorgeous photos in beautiful places - and hopefully make some amazing people happy along the way. I love helping people's love stories come to life. Britt and John, here's just a peek at one tiny chapter of your wonderful story:

Brittany and John, thank you thank you - I hope you love these photos as much as I do. Thank you for trusting me to capture your love and for opening up to me. Good luck with your wedding planning in Florida!

Until next time, live creatively friends.


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