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Our second trip to Acadia, and it still remains one of my favorite places to travel to. I wish we could go every weekend!!

September is a special time for Ryan and I. We celebrate our anniversary, and both of our birthdays, all within a few days of each other. So what better way to celebrate than to take a long weekend with our pup to our favorite place for camping and hiking and breweries? We packed up the truck on my 27th birthday and hit the road. We stopped at a brewery on our way up, got to camp a bit late, and headed to bed.

We woke up early the next morning to set out for a full day of hiking and adventures. We explored new places and revisited old ones. I mean, we couldn’t pay a visit to Acadia and not go to the Jordan Pond Tea House for some popovers. This time we got to eat outside and enjoy the weather though! We even did a different hike and got to see Jordan Pond from another view. It was pretty incredible. And of course we topped off our day with a brewery and a campfire.

The next morning we decided to tackle Cadillac Mountain. We were so proud of ourselves and Kita when we got to the top! A tough hike but it felt great to do it. We took the rest of the day easy, going out to lunch for Ryan’s birthday and hanging out at the campground. Kita was so exhausted from all of our hiking she tried to put herself to bed early! We made our way down to the cliffs near the campground that night to get a better look at the stars. And OH BOY they did not disappoint. It was incredible - so many stars and even the Milky Way. You can see so much more up there with the minimal light pollution. We didn’t want to head back to camp.

We woke up the next morning and took Kita to explore along the cliffs before packing up camp and heading back home. It’s always sad when these trips come to an end. I wish we could stay longer every time. I love this time with my boyfriend and pup. I look forward to our next trip up to Acadia National Park.

Some of my favorite photos come from these adventures, and no doubt they are my favorite memories. Until next time, live creatively, friends.

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